8. Justice
8. Justice

After a year, back to working on this tarot set.
For lady Lustice I was inspired by classic depictions of the blind lady, but also by the Statue of Liberty.
I also placed Anubis-inspired elements on the scale, those being a heart and a feather to measure the virtue in a person's heart.
Aside from that I continued the elements that were existing in the older cards, and in the Raider-Waite tarot set, like the pillars and drapes.

July 13th 2021: edited the sword, wasn't happy with the original look. Then used that sword for the magician card as well.
22/11/2021: minor tweaks to the sword and cleanup of the background drapes

11/11/2023: Created the black/white/gold version, which ended up being a bigger change than anticipated.
- Changed the heart for a realistic one
- flipped image
- made curtain larger, draped over stairs
- updated cloth
- changed hairstyle/face
- added pillars from Priestess/Hierophant
- changed geometry behind her

More artwork