15. The Devil
15. The Devil

15. The Devil
I went back and forth a few times between a more angelic and beastly depiction of this one, but then found the initial concept sketch I made back which had a goat's skull. It looked so badass that's what I had to go for. So the Baphomet approach it was.

I had him mirror the pose and icon from the wizard card, because pact with the devil and such, I thought it would be a nice note to have them reflect each other.
I'll also have to change out some other items in older cards to have the wizard's tools appear in the other cards as well, as is already the case with the temperance card and her grails.

Edit 30/11/2023:
Applied gold/white/black color scheme.
Cleaned up skull and hands
Made tail gold
Cleaned up fur bits
Little other work required

More artwork