2. The high priestess
2. The high priestess

And here's the high priestess from my tarot project. I was going to not let it be too inspired by christianity, but it just looked better with the cross, so here we are.
I kept the pillars to the left and right, but did turn them into the same color. I'm uncertain if I'll add more detail to the throne on the final version of the card or not. For the time being, I'm happy with this one as is, and I'll move on to the Empress.

30.04.2021. Edit: cleaned up the lineart and shading + changed the shape of the crown.

13/12/2021: Edited the headdress again because I still wasn't satisfied with it. I realised that the "horns and disk" concept probably came from the egyptian crown of the godess Isis, so I made it closer in look with that. I also made it significantly larger to more properly mirror the upgraded headdress of the Hierophant card.

Added painted and black/white/gold variants

More artwork