13. Death
13. Death

13, The angel of death

I didn't go for the depiction of the pale rider on this one as Pestilence, War and Famine aren't depicted in tarot I didn't entirely see why it would be the apocalyptic rider of death that should be used here, even though the Raider-Waite deck does.

I instead went for the concept of the angel of death, with its wings and a halo.

I did however, keep the symbol of a white rose from the traditional tarot deck.

Aside from that, the classics: hooded skeleton wielding a scythe.

Update 27/11/2023:
Updated to black/white/gold.
Changed scythe, hand that holds rose, tweaked wings, redrew cloth. Changed texture on slab to marble from Strength card.
Turned scythe gold

More artwork