5. The Hierophant
5. The Hierophant

And here's card number 6, the Hierophant!
I wanted to use the pope as inspiration for him, but Francis is always dressed so modest, and has switched out the fancy Papal throne for a low-key version, so I went with Benedict XVI instead. Benedict always reminded me of Emperor palpatine because of his sunken eyesockets, so I kept that. I also kept the triple cross and crown like on the card. Then I added the image of the holy spirit on the throne based off of some Papal throne imagery I found. I also re-used the pillars from the High priestess to show that these are 2 parts of the same set, as it were.

Edit 01/12/2021: Updated the detail on the papal tiara, because the old version looked quickly and poorly done.
Also replaced the pigeon with the one of the Judgement card (which isn't uploaded yet at the time of this edit) to have a more consistent look across the cards. Also reworked the scarf cause the crosses looked amateurish in the first version.

Edit 14/10/2023: Aligned with the black and gold look, some drastic changes to the throne, but aside from that only cleanup

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