11. Strength
11. Strength

Tarot card for strength. Went through a couple of iterations of this, one of which was Samson breaking the temple pillars from the biblical story, but I couldn't get that quite right with the composition.
In the end I went for something that retained more of the original, that being the lion and flowers. I did keep the broken pillars of the temple though as I thought those worked.
The reason I went for a lion instead of a lion being subdued was because I felt like the lion represented strength better on it's own.

Edit 15/11/2021:
Removed the vines and flowers on the drapes because they weren't as noticable white elements as the other cards.
Instead, I made the pillars a textured marble, which felt ok to do since I already broke my "flat white color" rule with the moon card.
Ironically, this made the card go from least white element to most white element out of all cards.

Edit 18/05/2022:
Replaced the lion, it never looked right. Used a proper reference this time, went kinder on the hair, in line with the new Chariot card. There's a version with and without shading. I think without looks best so I'll display that one on portfolio.

Edit 21/11/2023:
Edited to black/white/gold scheme, so turned the lion's manes gold (tried entire lion but that didn't work), made his eyes gold and bigger, added some additional lineart. Not to many changes needed.

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